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LifCare - Life aapki Care hamari !

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LifCare is a pharmacy for people who need to take medicines regularly.. most suitable for people with Diabetes, Heart ailments, Hyper-tension, etc. where the person needs daily medicines.

You can register by uploading your prescriptions. All your medicines are added to allow one touch easy refill. Once you subscribe, we never let you miss your monthly medicines.

Additionally save money as we provide a flat 15% discount on all medicines.

Patient safety & care is key for us.. We have the widest range from India's largest & most trusted brands. We're here to help you stay on track with your medicines. We refill medicines 2 days before they are over, so you never run out of your medicines..

We offer the convenience of home delivery for your daily prescription medicine needs. Once you subscribe, we ensure we auto refill your medicines before the previous purchases run out. Suitable for all Diabetes, Cardiac, Gastro, Arthritis or any other patients where one needs to take repeat medicines.

Not only will it save you time and trips to a retail pharmacy, you will also save money! With no minimum order value..

To enroll -
Option 1: Call us on 8302032000 & set-up a visit from our pharmacist.
Option 2: Submit your prescription from the LifCare app. Our pharmacists will get in touch to confirm order.

For our existing customer –
Once you download the LifCare app, please log-in using your mobile number registered with LifCare. You will see all medicines you have ordered & given prescription for in past are automatically there in 'Re-order' section. Your addresses & phone numbers are automatically updated. Please use this section to place order conveniently in future.

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