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Any chronic ailment such as Diabetes or BP require daily intake of medicines. However, some of us miss taking these medicines unaware of the fact that skipping a medicine can have extremely dire consequences. Read on to know about such consequences and know why one should never skip their medicines.

1)   Diabetes Medicines
It is indeed a task to take your diabetes medicine as per schedule. There are many diabetic patients who tend to miss their medicines at least once or twice a week. However, skipping doses can increase the risk of a person getting hospitalized, as blood sugar level gets disturbed.

2)   High BP Medicines
One must always take the blood pressure medicines on time failing which can lead to uncontrollable hypertension. Missing blood pressure medications can prove to be extremely dangerous as it can increase the risk of a stroke, kidney problem, heart attack or even congestive heart failure.

3)   Medication for Heart
The survivors of a cardiac arrest or a heart attack are bound to take regular medicines. Missing the medications can increase the chance of a second heart attack and can even lead to hospitalization within 2 months of the first heart attack. It can even reduce the risk of survival from a second heart attack.

How to ensure that you never miss your medications?

Skipping a medication can be due to several reasons such as affordability issues or simply forgetting. What is the way out? Subscription pharmacy. Subscription pharmacy such as LifCare provides you medicines at your doorstep without any additional cost. Moreover, with regular refills and reminders every month they ensure that you never run out of medicines and stay healthy for lifetime. Call on 8302032000 to subscribe to their services and bid adieu to all your medicinal worries.

It is a stated fact that selling medicines online is illegal in India. To know the same in a better light, one should have an appropriate know-how of the different kind of pharmacies and whether they work in the legal blanket or not.

Let us take a look at these pharmacies individually and understand how LifCare Pharmacy works and how is it different from e-pharmacies or local stores.

1) OTC (Over The Counter) pharmacy or local chemists

As per law the chemists, which own a local medical store, should have a license to sell the medicines and must not sell certain medicines without a valid prescription. However, it is not hidden how some of these OTC stores work and how they make all the medicines accessible to all the age groups with or without prescription.

2) Online or e-pharmacy

With the massive growth of e-commerce in India over the years, we have witnessed several e-pharmacy stores cropping up which sell medicines online without prescription, which is again an illegal offense.

3) Subscription Pharmacy

Subscription pharmacies such as LifCare Pharmacy work on subscription basis. One subscribes to their services and they ensure that their requirements are met. They have a team of licensed pharmacists who visit the home of the concerned person after subscription and check their prescription. If the prescription is valid and is given by a certified doctor, then only they provide them with prescribed medicines. This organization was started with an aim to improve the healthcare services in India and to make it easy for people, suffering from chronic ailments, to get their regular medicines on time.

Subscription pharmacy is the key to healthy living in the most convenient way. LifCare is one such pharmacy that can take care of all your medical needs once you subscribe to their services. There are certain questions that must be hovering in your mind when you first heard its name. What is LifCare? How does it work? What is the minimum order size? Do they deliver at home? What is the delivery charge? Read on to find answers to all these questions and much more.

What is LifCare

LifCare is a subscription pharmacy that provides chronic medicines for ailments such as Diabetes, BP and cardiac arrest among others.

How does it work?

Subscribing to LifCare is quite a simple procedure. This is a step-by-step guide to LifCare and its working process
  • Subscribe – The first step is to subscribe. You need to call on 8302032000 to subscribe to LifCare. 
  • Visit by a Pharmacist – Once you get subscribed to LifCare, their pharmacist will visit you at your home to gather your prescription details.
  • Medicines Delivery – Once they get the doctor’s prescription, they will deliver your medicines at your doorstep. 
  • Monthly Reminders – LifCare also reminds you at the end of every month for your refills so that you never skip your medicines

Is there any delivery charge?

No, LifCare provides free home delivery of all the medicines.

Is there any minimum order size?

No. There is no minimum order size for you to get the medicines delivered at your home.

Are there any other benefits?

Subscription to LifCare will help you get your medicines at a discount of 15%. Moreover, a referral to your friend will also help you get a discount on your purchase.

Diabetes – a chronic condition everyone is aware about.  There are two types of diabetes – Type 1 and Type 2. Type-1 is caused when pancreas stops producing insulin while Type-2 is the result of improper functioning of body in processing blood sugar or glucose.  We all have the basic information about what this disease is and what is supposed to be done when suffering from diabetes. However, there are certain other significant facts about this disease, which many of us do not know.  Here are seven such facts that can help you become more informed about Diabetes and its effects.

1) There are many people (approximately one-third) who do not know they are suffering from Diabetes  as Type-2 diabetes does not have any symptoms.

2)   The most common symptom in the initial stage of Diabetes is intensive thirst.        

3) Those having 'apple' body shape are at a greater risk of suffering from this disease than those having 'pear' shaped body.          

4)   India is the diabetes capital of the world as it has the highest population of over 35 million suffering from diabetes   

5)   A study at Harvard concluded that one serving of cooked oatmeal 2-4 times a week can reduce the risk of Type-2 diabetes by 16%.

6)   The major cause of blindness in the working age group (20-74) is blindness.

7)   Sedentary lifestyle is the major cause behind the increase of incidences of diabetes. Physical activity or daily exercise can prevent such incidences by 50%.

Simply put, if you are suffering from Diabetes, then you just cannot ignore this disease as it can have dire consequences. Take your medicines on time with LifCare to fight this disease effectively. 

Suffering from diabetes or high blood pressure levels? Well, then you will know the importance of taking your medicines on time. These ailments require a regular dose of prescribed medicines in particular intervals. However, we often forget or miss regular intake of medicines. Why? The reasons are many

Forgetting when to take the medicine
You can’t keep tab of the time when you are supposed to take your medicine and often get confused with the schedules.

Problem to get medicines from the Pharmacy
The task of going to the local pharmacy store and getting your medicines can be quite daunting, at times. Moreover, after a particular age, it gets more difficult to go to a pharmacy store every now and then for the medicines.

Affordability Issues
Affordability is another major reason why some people avoid taking medicines. It is a stated fact that medical bills can take a huge toll on one’s budget. This is the reason some people skip their medicines which in turn can affect the health adversely.

How subscription pharmacy can help?

Monthly Reminders
Subscription to a pharmacy such as LifCare will never let you forget your medicines. With LifCare, you will get timely reminders every month before your monthly stock of medicines get exhausted so that you never run out of medicines.

Free Home Delivery
No more visits to the pharmacy store for your chronic medicine needs. LifCare will deliver your medicines at your doorstep without charging any additional cost. One call and you will get your entire prescription at home.

Discounts up to 20%
Subscription pharmacy can help you cut on your medical bills to a great extent. Along with a discount of flat 15% on every medicine, LifCare gives you an additional discount on every referral.

How to subscribe to LifCare?

The subscription procedure for LifCare is quite simple.
Just call on 8302032000   to subscribe and let LifCare take care of your medical needs.

A moderate blood pressure level is imperative for a healthy body. However,many of us suffer from problem of high blood pressure or hypertension. The reasons for the same can be many, including, heredity, stress, smoking, obesity and lack of physical activity. One must religiously follow certain tips in order to keep a tab on the blood pressure levels. What are these tips? Scroll down to find out. 

1) Do not skip your medicines
First and foremost thing to do is take your medicines on time. Missing your daily medicine can prove to be immensely harmful for your health. Always take your BP medicines on time and refill your doses before the month ends so that you never run out of medicines. 

2) Cut down on Salt
Intake of salt or any other edible containing sodium should be cut down to minimum. Too much salt consumption can stimulate the extra water in the body to increase the blood pressure. You should always check the label of the packaged foods you are eating as they might contain high levels of sodium. 

3) Manage Your Weight
Being overweight or obesity issues can be one of the main reasons behind high blood pressure levels. Increase your physical activity and make sure you exercise for at least half an hour in a day. Moderate walking for 40 minutes daily can help you keep your weight problems at bay. 

4) More Intake of Fresh Foods
Fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables should make up the maximum part of your diet. Also, you should include low fat dairy products as well as grains in your diet for controlled blood pressure levels. 

5) Say No to Stress
Last but not the least, it is quite essential to stay stress-free if one wants to keep the blood pressure in control. Stress, anxiety and other similar problems can cause our blood pressure to rise abruptly.

6) Subscribe to LifCare
LifCare, a subscription pharmacy, which can help you maintain your blood pressure by delivering your medicines at your doorstep and reminding you every month for your next refill. Call on 8302032000 to subscribe and stop worrying about your regular BP medicines.

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