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Any chronic ailment such as Diabetes or BP require daily intake of medicines. However, some of us miss taking these medicines unaware of the fact that skipping a medicine can have extremely dire consequences. Read on to know about such consequences and know why one should never skip their medicines.

1)   Diabetes Medicines
It is indeed a task to take your diabetes medicine as per schedule. There are many diabetic patients who tend to miss their medicines at least once or twice a week. However, skipping doses can increase the risk of a person getting hospitalized, as blood sugar level gets disturbed.

2)   High BP Medicines
One must always take the blood pressure medicines on time failing which can lead to uncontrollable hypertension. Missing blood pressure medications can prove to be extremely dangerous as it can increase the risk of a stroke, kidney problem, heart attack or even congestive heart failure.

3)   Medication for Heart
The survivors of a cardiac arrest or a heart attack are bound to take regular medicines. Missing the medications can increase the chance of a second heart attack and can even lead to hospitalization within 2 months of the first heart attack. It can even reduce the risk of survival from a second heart attack.

How to ensure that you never miss your medications?

Skipping a medication can be due to several reasons such as affordability issues or simply forgetting. What is the way out? Subscription pharmacy. Subscription pharmacy such as LifCare provides you medicines at your doorstep without any additional cost. Moreover, with regular refills and reminders every month they ensure that you never run out of medicines and stay healthy for lifetime. Call on 8302032000 to subscribe to their services and bid adieu to all your medicinal worries.

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