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Diabetes – a chronic condition everyone is aware about.  There are two types of diabetes – Type 1 and Type 2. Type-1 is caused when pancreas stops producing insulin while Type-2 is the result of improper functioning of body in processing blood sugar or glucose.  We all have the basic information about what this disease is and what is supposed to be done when suffering from diabetes. However, there are certain other significant facts about this disease, which many of us do not know.  Here are seven such facts that can help you become more informed about Diabetes and its effects.

1) There are many people (approximately one-third) who do not know they are suffering from Diabetes  as Type-2 diabetes does not have any symptoms.

2)   The most common symptom in the initial stage of Diabetes is intensive thirst.        

3) Those having 'apple' body shape are at a greater risk of suffering from this disease than those having 'pear' shaped body.          

4)   India is the diabetes capital of the world as it has the highest population of over 35 million suffering from diabetes   

5)   A study at Harvard concluded that one serving of cooked oatmeal 2-4 times a week can reduce the risk of Type-2 diabetes by 16%.

6)   The major cause of blindness in the working age group (20-74) is blindness.

7)   Sedentary lifestyle is the major cause behind the increase of incidences of diabetes. Physical activity or daily exercise can prevent such incidences by 50%.

Simply put, if you are suffering from Diabetes, then you just cannot ignore this disease as it can have dire consequences. Take your medicines on time with LifCare to fight this disease effectively. 
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