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Why LIFCARE is Not an Online Pharmacy

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It is a stated fact that selling medicines online is illegal in India. To know the same in a better light, one should have an appropriate know-how of the different kind of pharmacies and whether they work in the legal blanket or not.

Let us take a look at these pharmacies individually and understand how LifCare Pharmacy works and how is it different from e-pharmacies or local stores.

1) OTC (Over The Counter) pharmacy or local chemists

As per law the chemists, which own a local medical store, should have a license to sell the medicines and must not sell certain medicines without a valid prescription. However, it is not hidden how some of these OTC stores work and how they make all the medicines accessible to all the age groups with or without prescription.

2) Online or e-pharmacy

With the massive growth of e-commerce in India over the years, we have witnessed several e-pharmacy stores cropping up which sell medicines online without prescription, which is again an illegal offense.

3) Subscription Pharmacy

Subscription pharmacies such as LifCare Pharmacy work on subscription basis. One subscribes to their services and they ensure that their requirements are met. They have a team of licensed pharmacists who visit the home of the concerned person after subscription and check their prescription. If the prescription is valid and is given by a certified doctor, then only they provide them with prescribed medicines. This organization was started with an aim to improve the healthcare services in India and to make it easy for people, suffering from chronic ailments, to get their regular medicines on time.

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