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Hypertension or high blood pressure, a condition that is extensively prevalent in India. Blood pressure, as it is known, is the pressure of blood in heart as well as in blood vessels. Low blood pressure can cause dizziness while high blood pressure can be a cause for a severe headache. In both the cases, it can prove to be risky for our overall health. In simple terms, it is quite imperative to maintain our blood pressure level to its healthiest best, i.e. 120/80. Several studies in the past years have suggested certain lifestyle changes, which if followed, can help you achieve a normal blood pressure and sustain it, as well. What are these lifestyle changes? Scroll down to find out

Balance your intake of Carbohydrates

Excessive weight is sometimes regarded as one of the major reasons for blood pressure abnormality. The increase in weight can be said to be directly proportional to our diet especially carbohydrate consumption. Indulge more in a diet with low carbs as it will keep a check on your weight and will ensure you stay fit.

Salt Consumption 

Conventionally, the consumption of salt is considered dangerous when it comes to BP. It is proved that less salt can certainly lower one’s chances of suffering from Hypertension. However, a low-carb diet automatically reduces the salt consumption, which eliminates the need to cutting down the salt consumption. A low carb diet gives you the flexibility to intake a moderate amount of salt.

Physical Activity 

Exercise is the cure for almost every disease. Blood pressure is no exception. Physical activity can improve your body’s ability to digest bad carbohydrates, thus rooting out the main cause of hypertension.

Increase Consumption of Omega-3 and Vitamin-D 

Omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin-D supplements, when consumed on regular basis, are known to normalize the blood pressure levels to a great extent.

Keep a tab on your numbers

Get your blood pressure checked regularly as blood pressure often doesn’t come with many symptoms. Ensure it is normal or near to the  normal level and if not then consult your doctor immediately.

Avoid certain things 

There are few things that we consume on a daily basis, which can be the major cause of blood pressure problems. These things include:
a) Alcohol
b) Pain Killers
c) Coffee
d) Nicotine
e) Drugs such as Cocaine

You can also control your blood pressure with LifCare! It is a subscription pharmacy that provides you BP and other chronic medicines at your doorstep. Their monthly reminder service also makes sure you never run out of medicines, thereby, keeping you fit and healthy always.

A beverage that you must have heard a lot about in health columns and magazines is green tea. Touted as one of the healthiest drinks available on the planet today, this herbal beverage is quite delicious, as well. What does this drink has which has made it so popular among health driven people? Why is it considered as a healthy substitute for the regular tea? The answers to these questions lie in the remarkable benefits of green tea.

Improves Brain Functionality

Caffeine, a compound, which is known by every coffee and tea drinker, is present in green tea, as well. But, the amount present is not as much as coffee but is enough to produce the desired effect. The caffeine present in green tea is known to sharpen the memory and enhance the brain’s response time making an individual smarter. Apart from caffeine, another compound known as amino acid L-theanine which combines with caffeine to produce a synergistic effect and improve the brain’s functionality.

Burns Fat

Surprisingly, green tea can increase the metabolism of our body thereby helping an individual lose weight to a great extent. This is the reason several natural fat reduction products contain green tea as one of their major ingredients. It effectively increases the fat oxidation thereby burning fat and improving the physical performance of an individual.

Rich in Anti Oxidants 

Anti-oxidants, as we all know, are compounds that can effectively damage the free radicals. Free radicals are the main cause for issues such as cancer, skin damage, premature ageing. The antioxidants present in it can potentially destroy the cancer causing free radicals. So, consumption of green tea everyday can reduce the risk of breast cancer and prostate cancer, to a great extent. However, it is often suggested to have green tea without milk as milk can reduce the anti-oxidant content present in green tea.

Anti Bacterial 

A compound known as Catechin is present in large quantity in green tea. This compound is known to have remarkable anti-bacterial and anti-viral effect, which in turn can prove to be quite beneficial for treating many infections as well as improving dental health.

Reduces the risk of Type II Diabetes

Many studies have suggested that green tea can be quite an effective treatment for Type II Diabetes. It is known to reduce the blood sugar levels and even improve the insulin sensitivity thereby lowering the risk. It is even proved that green tea can lower the risk of type II diabetes by approximately 42%.

So, sip a cup of green tea daily and live a healthy and happy life for years to come.

There are approximately 30 million heart patients in India as per 2015 statistics. Today still, the cardiac problems among Indians are on the rise. What are the reasons behind increasing cardiovascular issues? What are the major risk factors that lead to cardiac arrest? Let’s find out.

There are basically two kinds of risk factors that can lead to cardio vascular problems

A)                 Fixed risk factors

B)                 Factors that can be prevented


Fixed risk factors are such factors, which cannot be prevented or altered. These factors include:

1)     Age – The older one gets, the higher is the risk of suffering from a cardiac arrest.

2)     A family history- if you have a family history of either of your parents or siblings, then your risk of a cardiac arrest is higher.

3)     Baldness in Men – This is also one of the major risk factors among men that could lead to cardiac problems.

4)     Early Menopause in Women


There are certain factors, which can be entirely prevented, and some that can be treated partially. Risk factors that can be prevented include:

1)     Smoking

2)     Obesity – Exercise more and enhance your physical activity in order to fight obesity.

3)     An unhealthy diet, especially eating too much salt and oily food can increase the risk of heart attack.

4)     Excessive consumption of alcohol.

Factors that can be partially treated or cured are :

1)     Hypertension or High BP

2)     Diabetes

3)     High Cholesterol

Prevent a cardiac arrest by keeping tab on these risk factors, especially if you have a family history. Subscribe to LifCare if you are suffering from cardiovascular issues and make sure you get your cardiac medicines at home along with monthly reminders. 

‘Depression’ is a condition which is quite prevalent these days courtesy a hectic lifestyle. One might think that this condition is an imaginary one where it is just all in the head, however, on the contrary, depression is a ‘real’ disease, which has an extremely adverse effect on the brain.

There are several reasons, apart from changes in the brain chemistry, that lead to depression which include difficult life situations, stress or any other medical condition. There are many symptoms that are associated with this disease that are commonly found in people who are suffering from depression. These symptoms include:

a) Angry Outbursts

b) Mood Swings 

c) Withdrawal from people

d) Losing interest in any activity

e) Immense Sadness

f) Hallucination 

g) Lack Of Sleep

h) Concentration Problems 

Depression is a common problem. Several studies suggest that one in every 5 women and one in every 10 men suffer from the problem of depression. How to fight this disease? Is there any absolute cure for depression? Let’s find out.

Lifestyle changes and medical aid are the two main requirements for treatment of this disease.


Physical Activity

Indulging in more and more physical activity such as exercise and walk can help ward off the signs of depression. Daily exercise can boost the product of feel good chemicals in the brain such as endorphin and also stimulate the growth of new brain cells that act as anti-depressant.

Eating Well

Healthy eating habits can also be a great way to come out of depression. Eating small and a balanced diet can provide you with required energy along with keeping the mood swings at bay.

Proper Sleep

Proper sleep is a must when it comes to an effective treatment of depression. Sleep deprivation can be a major cause behind increase in irritability, fatigue and sadness.

Get Social

Loneliness is another reason why people suffer from depression. So, spending more time with family, friends or joining any class or group can help fight depression.


Learn about your condition

It is quite important to learn about the depression you have and the ways in which you can treat it. Whether it is due to a medical condition or due to any other reason, find it out and then plan your treatment according to the condition.

Try Different Treatments

Medications alone cannot help in effective treatment of depression. Therapies, yoga and meditation are other such treatments, which you can try, to fight depression in a better way.

Putting it simply, you need to have a positive attitude to fight depression to get rid of this condition in the quickest time.

'Laughter is the best medicine' – We hear this phrase every now and then. This is not just a stated fact but carry an extremely significant meaning, as well. Laughing at least 5-7 times in a day can prove to be highly effective for our overall health. How? Scroll down and find it yourself.

A great Cardiac workout

Laughing with all your heart can prove to be remarkably helpful for your heart health. It can be a great cardiac workout for people who are suffering from any injury. Laughing pumps up the heart, burning as much calories as one can burn by walking at a moderate pace. So, laugh it out and ensure a healthy heart.

Lowers BP

Laughing is indeed the best medicine when it comes to lowering the high blood pressure levels. Laughter can also reduce the risk of minor strokes and heart attack.

Boosts Immunity

Laughing hard can provide an effective boost to the T-cells present in our body. T-cells are the specialized immune cells, which get activated when you laugh thus strengthening the immune system.

Stimulates the release of Endorphins

Endorphins are basically natural painkillers present in our body, which are released while laughing. So, a hearty laughter can ease off all the chronic body pains.

Reduces Stress

Lastly, laughter helps reduce stress. As it is known that stress is the root cause of many diseases, so laughing the stress off can give one a sense of well being and also keep several ailments at bay. Laughing is beyond doubt one of the best stress busters.

Diabetes, especially Type-2 diabetes is often termed as the 'silent killer disease'. Why? The reason behind it is that this disease does not come with prominent symptoms. Sometimes this disease is not detected until the condition gets severe. However, there are certain symptoms of Type-1 and Type-2 Diabetes, which one should know, in order to identify this ailment at an earlier stage. Let us gain an elaborative insight about this chronic disease and the warning signs that it comes with.

1. Intensive Thirst

One of the earliest symptoms of diabetes is peeing more than regular. A normal individual usually pees for 4-7 times in a day but a diabetic might do much more than that. This in turn also leads to intensive thirst as the person starts feeling much thirstier than usual. Why does this happen? This happen because the glucose, which your body reabsorbs in normal conditions, is not able to do so when your blood sugar level goes up.

2. Dry Mouth

Lack of necessary amount of fluids in the body can cause the mouth and skin to dry leading to dehydration. It can also make the skin slightly itchy.

3. Impaired Vision

As it is imperative that the fluid levels in the body change in this ailment, so, this change can make the eye lenses swell up. This, in turn, can cause the vision to blur.

4. Fatigue

The glucose that is created by the body, which usually our cells convert into energy, is brought in by insulin. Decrease in insulin automatically lowers the glucose level in the body, thus lowering the energy levels making the person feel more tired than usual.

These symptoms are general symptoms for all types of diabetes. However, when the blood sugar level rises a little higher there are different symptoms for different types of diabetes, which one ought to know.

a) Excessive Weight Loss
b) Nausea
c) Vomiting

a) Numbness/Pain in legs
b) Yeast Infections
c) Slow Healing Cuts

Diabetes is a disease that demands proper care and attention.  If you are suffering from this disease, make sure you take your medicines on time. LifCare is a subscription pharmacy, which delivers your medicines at home and reminds you of refills monthly. Call 8302032000 to subscribe to their services.      

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