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From the steam that eases congestion, and the stuff we swim in, and the ice that reduces swelling, water is all around us. The ubiquitous attribute of water makes it a very important and rich resource, whose health benefits are often ignored or underrated. Water even makes up for two thirds of our bodies, which inevitably brings the question – what are the main benefits of drinking water and why should we keep ourselves hydrated?

Let’s see a list of benefits that come attached with drinking water and how these can be treated as health tips:

Aids in weight loss: Whether you are into power yoga, cardio or a simple gym nut, drinking plenty of water can help in weight loss. Various scientific studies have found out that people who drink water before any meal, lose weight faster than people who don’t. This is so because by this way, the upped intake of H2O makes us feel full, active and may also help boost metabolism

Helps fight fatigue: With increasingly complex choices where more and more people are living sedentary lifestyle, fatigue is considered as the package of the deal. Drinking plenty of water helps people remain hydrated all day long, which also helps fight fatigue as electrolytes (water with a pinch of salt and sugar) help maintain fluid balance in the body.

·         Rids of headaches: Gulping down tablets and pills for headaches has become commonplace. As many are unaware, if you go without water for longer duration, you can get headaches and as such the same can be cured by drinking enough of it, naturally, without having to pop pills.

·         Better mood: Drinking water can also make you feel refreshed and active all day long, even after a strenuous workout or hectic day at work. Thus, it enables a healthy state of mind

With such benefits and more, it can be considered as one of the best home health care where you can get rid of some of the basic issues (headaches, better digestive system, etc.) by yourself without going to any health clinic.

So, fill up that bottle and energize yourself!

Jogging is one of those rare physical activities that completely define healthy living. It is also one of the most popular workout regimes that helps keep one in shape or lose weight by focusing on target and core muscles. Also, it does not require athletic training or special skill set, which makes it an ideal workout plan for most of the people.
There are no exigent exercise tips that one needs to remember before starting this workout, as the only prerequisite to it is to own a good pair of running shoes! Furthermore, no home tips are also required as the exercise is as simple as it gets – whether you start off early in the morning or after your work hours in the evening.
Its benefits are aplenty and are summarized below:

·            Improved cardiovascular system

        Regular jogging can help improve cardiovascular endurance system of the body as it challenges           your lungs and heart. By providing active oxygen supply to the muscles that need it, blood pressure     can be brought down effectively.

·             Better endurance 

      As mentioned above, continuous physical activity helps improve the cardiovascular system, which  makes the body more effective in oxygen consumption. This allows your body to produce more  energy from the food you consume. In simple words, the amount of energy produced by you is  directly proportional to the degree of intensity of your workout and consequently allows you to run  for a longer duration, faster, helping your endurance level.

·            Less stress

      Endorphins are essentially pain blocking hormones that are produced in the brain during the times of  stress, and sent into the bloodstream. As an intense cardio exercise, jogging puts constant stress on  the body, which causes brain’s pituitary glands to release endorphins into the blood stream, which  consequently helps elevate mood and reduce stress. Also called ‘runner’s high’, the feel good effect  can be a strong motivational factor to stick to the regular jogging program.

To get the maximum benefit from your jogging, try to do at least three times a week. Having a strict discipline in terms of physical activity can help contribute towards health improvement, and bring positivity in everyday life. To all those who believe in home remedies, jogging could best be described as an efficient home based health care system.

Prevalence of Type 2 Diabetes has reached endemic proportions across the world, which occurs when pancreas does not produce enough insulin, or they are not utilized effectively by the body. International Diabetes Federation (IDF) stated that by 2011, approximately 366 million people around the world were affected by type 2 diabetes and the figure is expected to reach 552 million by 2030.

Closer to home, India has one of the largest population living with type 2 diabetes (61.3 million) and the same is expected to rise to 101.2 million by 2030, which indicates that in the next twenty years, one-fifth of the diabetic population will be in India. As such, India faces challenges in the prevention of the chronic disease, which has reached pandemic proportions, making Indians highly susceptible to the disease.

Challenging factors:
*      Diet: Indian diet is usually rich in saturated fats and carbohydrates, which contributes in making up for more calories and sugar than required by an individual on a daily basis. This is also the root cause of obesity, which is the highest risk factor of diabetes.
*      Genetic Factors: IDF also argued that Indians are four times more likely to develop diabetes as compared to Europeans as they have high genetic and ethnic susceptibility to the disease. As such, Indians are more likely to develop diabetes with minor weight gain and they also tend to develop it at a younger age as opposed to western population.
*      Lifestyle Modification: The younger generation is increasingly opting for sedentary lifestyle, combined with decreased physical activity and high fat diet – habits which have accompanied the process of urbanization and modernization – that have contributed in stimulating obesity prevalence, and consequently type 2 diabetes, in less than a generation.

Notwithstanding these challenges, taking precautions, starting with an early age, can help prevent the occurrence of Type 2 diabetes to a great extent. Fortunately, the solution to the endemic lies within the challenges itself. Following a balanced diet is the main key to type 2 diabetes prevention. Additionally, regular exercise (high and low intensity), can help maintain ideal body weight, which can further prevent obesity, making it a major factor in the prevention of the disease.

Even if the disease runs in the family, its probability of occurrence to the next generation can be prevented to a great degree if one takes these precautionary measures effectively.

Hypertension or high blood pressure, as we all know, is a chronic ailment which is quite common among the masses. However, the symptoms of the same are not easy to detect as many people suffer from it without being aware of the same. In some cases, hypertension is diagnosed only when BP is measured and that can sometimes lead to extremely serious complications including heart stroke.

There are basically two categories of High BP :-

a)   Primary   
b)   Secondary

Primary Hypertension is not associated with any specific cause. It can happen to anyone over a period of time. Hereditary blood pressure falls under this category. Secondary Hypertension, on the other hand, occurs due to another adverse health condition.

Although this disease is not associated with many symptoms but there are certain frequent conditions which can be termed as hypertension symptoms. 
These include:

1)    Headaches (from dull to severe)

2)    Dizzy Spells

3)    Shortness Of Breath

4)    Anxiety

5)    Nose Bleed

These symptoms occur only when blood pressure level spikes suddenly. Therefore, the solution to diagnose Hypertension is to get one’s BP checked timely.

Moreover, if you are already suffering from high BP it is imperative to maintain a normal blood pressure level through medications. LifCare, a subscription pharmacy, is the answer to all your BP treatment-related needs. 
Subscribe to LifCare’s services and get your BP medicines delivered to your door with no additional cost. Also, they provide reminders and refills every month so that you never run out of or skip your medicines and stay healthy and fit always.

‘You should drink one glass of warm lemon water every morning as soon as you wake up’ – you might have often come across this health advice. Have you ever wondered why it is so? What is the benefit of drinking warm lemon water every morning? Read on to find the answer to this question.

Boosts Energy 

Energy is probably the first thing that you need in the morning! A glass of warm lemon water will provide you just that. The molecules present in a lemon can charge up the body instantly and improve your mood, as well. It has also been proved that mere scent of lemon can render a calming effect to our body.

Enhances your immunity

Our immune system tends to get weaker with age. Vitamin-C is a component which can give our immune levels an instant boost and lemons, as we all know, are loaded with this vitamin. So, lemon water every morning is the key to staying fit and healthy always.

Freshens Breath

Lemon water is an effective mouth freshener along with fighting dental problems such as treating tooth pain and curing gingivitis owing to the presence of citric acid. However, too much citric acid can erode tooth enamel, so make sure you consume it in moderate quantity.

Weight-Loss Drink

Drinking warm lemon water in the morning can help you lose those extra kilos with ease. Lemon contains pectin fiber which can conveniently curb the undesired hunger cravings, thus keeping you in shape.

For A Healthy Skin

Lemon Water is beyond doubt a blessing for the health of the skin. This morning juice is loaded with antioxidants that help fight skin damaging radicals, thereby preventing premature aging and keeping the skin blemish-free.
Make a glass of lemon water a routine every morning and get started with a healthy and happy lifestyle.

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