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From the steam that eases congestion, and the stuff we swim in, and the ice that reduces swelling, water is all around us. The ubiquitous attribute of water makes it a very important and rich resource, whose health benefits are often ignored or underrated. Water even makes up for two thirds of our bodies, which inevitably brings the question – what are the main benefits of drinking water and why should we keep ourselves hydrated?

Let’s see a list of benefits that come attached with drinking water and how these can be treated as health tips:

Aids in weight loss: Whether you are into power yoga, cardio or a simple gym nut, drinking plenty of water can help in weight loss. Various scientific studies have found out that people who drink water before any meal, lose weight faster than people who don’t. This is so because by this way, the upped intake of H2O makes us feel full, active and may also help boost metabolism

Helps fight fatigue: With increasingly complex choices where more and more people are living sedentary lifestyle, fatigue is considered as the package of the deal. Drinking plenty of water helps people remain hydrated all day long, which also helps fight fatigue as electrolytes (water with a pinch of salt and sugar) help maintain fluid balance in the body.

·         Rids of headaches: Gulping down tablets and pills for headaches has become commonplace. As many are unaware, if you go without water for longer duration, you can get headaches and as such the same can be cured by drinking enough of it, naturally, without having to pop pills.

·         Better mood: Drinking water can also make you feel refreshed and active all day long, even after a strenuous workout or hectic day at work. Thus, it enables a healthy state of mind

With such benefits and more, it can be considered as one of the best home health care where you can get rid of some of the basic issues (headaches, better digestive system, etc.) by yourself without going to any health clinic.

So, fill up that bottle and energize yourself!
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