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Making Jogging A Part of Your Lifestyle

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Jogging is one of those rare physical activities that completely define healthy living. It is also one of the most popular workout regimes that helps keep one in shape or lose weight by focusing on target and core muscles. Also, it does not require athletic training or special skill set, which makes it an ideal workout plan for most of the people.
There are no exigent exercise tips that one needs to remember before starting this workout, as the only prerequisite to it is to own a good pair of running shoes! Furthermore, no home tips are also required as the exercise is as simple as it gets – whether you start off early in the morning or after your work hours in the evening.
Its benefits are aplenty and are summarized below:

·            Improved cardiovascular system

        Regular jogging can help improve cardiovascular endurance system of the body as it challenges           your lungs and heart. By providing active oxygen supply to the muscles that need it, blood pressure     can be brought down effectively.

·             Better endurance 

      As mentioned above, continuous physical activity helps improve the cardiovascular system, which  makes the body more effective in oxygen consumption. This allows your body to produce more  energy from the food you consume. In simple words, the amount of energy produced by you is  directly proportional to the degree of intensity of your workout and consequently allows you to run  for a longer duration, faster, helping your endurance level.

·            Less stress

      Endorphins are essentially pain blocking hormones that are produced in the brain during the times of  stress, and sent into the bloodstream. As an intense cardio exercise, jogging puts constant stress on  the body, which causes brain’s pituitary glands to release endorphins into the blood stream, which  consequently helps elevate mood and reduce stress. Also called ‘runner’s high’, the feel good effect  can be a strong motivational factor to stick to the regular jogging program.

To get the maximum benefit from your jogging, try to do at least three times a week. Having a strict discipline in terms of physical activity can help contribute towards health improvement, and bring positivity in everyday life. To all those who believe in home remedies, jogging could best be described as an efficient home based health care system.

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