Heart disease is never subjective to someone who is overweight and unfit. But various risk factors like consuming alcohol, tobacco and leading a sedentary lifestyle make people fall prey to heart diseases, this in turn leads to obesity, high blood pressure, glycemia, and cholesterol.

From narrowing of heart arteries, heart valve disease, abnormal heart rhythms, heart muscle weakening, heart failure to heart attack, these are some of the major heart conditions that may happen if you don’t maintain a happy heart.

Risk factors combined with unhealthy eating increases the possibility of heart failure, stroke and even an attack, majorly signaled with a simple chest pain. Usually before a heart attack you may experience anxiety, tiredness, weakness, vomiting, nausea, and sweating which might just be the warning sign for your body to save your heart.

Usually women get heart disease after attaining their age of menopause and sometimes even younger adults turn up having heart diseases, so you need to take into account your lifestyle, age, gender and family history before getting your heart disease risk calculated by your doctor.

How to prevent heart disease?

• Maintain your weight
• Eat regularly healthy diet
• Get regular exercise
• Reduce salt intake
• Consume more fruits and vegetables
• Limit alcohol and tobacco intake
• Make sure that you get enough sleep
• Control your blood pressure
• Decrease stress levels
• Keep your cholesterol and triglyceride levels under control