Aren’t we all familiar with mouth-watering besan ke pakore, delicious dhokla or some sweet indulgence like besan ke ladoo? Commonly known as gram flour this protein rich ingredient is a favourite among Indian households for preparing yummy yet healthy snacks.

Besan has been long used for treating skin problems and curbing hunger pangs. Chickpeas which is finely ground to make this nutty flavoured flour, is high in fiber and known for baking outstanding breads.

Fun Fact about Gram Flour?
This multipurpose ingredient has benefits ranging from health to skin and to top it all, this cost efficient ingredient is available round the year ensuring your taste is never compromised when it comes to indulging in scrumptious snacks.

Nutritional Facts of Gram Flour (100 gm)  

Calories - 387    
Saturated fat  0.7   g        
Polyunsaturated fat  3   g        
Monounsaturated fat  1.5   g        
Cholesterol  0   mg        
Sodium  64   mg        
Potassium  846   mg        
Dietary fiber  11g        
Sugar   11g        
Protein  22g    

Reasons why Gram flour should be included in your meals:

1.  Lower Glycaemic index:

Besan is low in glycaemic number, which makes it a favourable option for diabetics who are constantly required to consume low sugar items. Items made from gram flour keeps your tummy full for a longer time due to high fiber content and slowly affects your sugar levels making it an ideal ingredient for diabetics.

2.  Great for Skin and Hair:

From time immemorial besan has been long used to treat all kinds of skin and hair problems like removing tan, reducing oiliness, fighting pimples, lightening dark arm and neck. Preparing a simple pack using Besan and other kitchen valuables can help you achieve instant fairness. You can make nourishing body scrubs as well as hair packs for healthy, long tresses.

3.  Aids in Weight Loss:

By now you must be familiar with besan being high in fiber, surprisingly it has 38% protein and 20% carbs, making it the perfect option for those looking for healthy meals and determined to ditch a few pounds in the process. Carrying benefits from its parent source, besan has a caloric count below 100 and is considered ideal for weight management.

4.  High in vitamin and nutrients:

A bowl full of chickpeas will provide 20% protein and 50% folate of your daily requirement. High in thiamine it maintains conversion of food into energy while presence of vitamin B6 helps with red blood cells synthesis and regulation of mood and appetite. Rich in Iron, gram flour helps in recovering from deficiency causing anaemia and the high phosphorous content helps in bone formation.

5.  Maintains Heart Health:

High in soluble fiber and magnesium, gram flour ensures that good care is taken of your heart.  It helps in maintaining cardiovascular health and controlling blood pressure levels. Besan has good amount of unsaturated fats that lowers cholesterol levels and in turn proves to be beneficial for your heart.

6.  Its Gluten Free:

More than a phenomenon, people who are gluten allergic spend a tough time choosing and picking out snacks for themselves. This is where the hero besan comes to rescue, gluten free, it is the best substitute for wheat and other gluten containing grains, quickly becoming the hot favourite among people.

7.  Helps to lower Cholesterol:

Consumption of gram flour has been touted extremely healthy which not only decreases the level of bad cholesterol in your body but also increases the level of good cholesterol in the body. Rich in fibre (both soluble and insoluble) and high in polyunsaturated fatty acids, besan helps in lowering cholesterol levels considerably.

8.  Prevents Colorectal Cancer:

Gram flour contains saponins and lignans which prevents colon cancer, it inhibits the functioning of beta-catenin, an important oncogenic protein in colon cancer by decreasing the oxidation of DNA and proteins. Also it contains resistant starch, which usually goes undigested in the small intestine, which protects the colon cells by being used up by the healthy colon bacteria to protect the colon.

9.  Regulates Blood Pressure:

A healthy diet should include not more than 2300 milligrams of sodium for an average adult per day, and to our surprise besan contains negligible amount of salts which can be good for you, if you are a high blood pressure patient, as it helps in reversing the effect of high blood pressure on the blood vessels, thereby making them healthier and improving the blood flow to the entire body.

10.  Strengthen Bones:

High in nutrients like magnesium and potassium, besan helps in strengthening your bones to the core, we all know that calcium along with magnesium is required for bone formation. Apart from this you should introduce the habit of regular exercise, increase intake of vitamin D for better calcium absorption and avoid the consumption of alcohol and smoking.

11.  Enhances Brain Health:

Bestowed with anti-inflammatory properties and a mixture of selenium, potassium, vitamins A and B6 can immensely lower the chances of inflammation.

Besan speeds up the message transmission for the brain. Magnesium which is present in besan helps in maintaining the health of our brain. According to a report, magnesium makes your brain cell receptors happy and is also helpful in relaxing the blood vessels, thereby helping in better blood flow to the brain and the entire body. But you need to keep in mind to stress less as it is the main reason behind the drain of magnesium from the body. Gram flour also contains B vitamins and other phytonutrients which boost brain health.

12.  Improves Immunity:

Rich in vitamin B6, vitamin A and zinc, besan works as a supporter when it comes to helping our immune system function properly. Fibre helps in slowing down the process of digestion, which makes the sugar move slowly from your digestive tract to the bloodstream. This generally decreases the chance of developing sugar spike right after eating which subsequently reduces and prevent the chances of fatigue.