1. Watch what you eat:

Principles of healthy eating remain the same no matter whether you are diabetic or not. A healthy diet includes fats, protein and carbohydrates which are necessary for our bodies to function but limiting is the key to balancing.

Add fruits and veggies to your diet along with healthy fats like olive oil, flax seeds and fish oil. You can enjoy your favourite dessert by limiting hidden sugars, focus on whole grain carbs then on the less healthy starchy ones.

Stay away from packaged and fast foods, processed meat and deep fried food items. Set a few goals to tweak your eating habits and choose easy-to-conquer goals first. Consider the size of your plate, as a smaller plate can make smaller servings look bigger.

2. Exercise a little:

Diabetes is often closely associated with obesity and in order to control diabetes, maintaining an ideal weight is equally important. A half an hour walk in the evening or low impact aerobics will not only cut down your stress level and maintain blood pressure but also help you to maintain a healthy body weight.

While exercising insulin resistance goes down as the body cells are able to use the glucose more effectively and further helps in controlling the glucose level of the body. It also helps in maintaining a good cholesterol level necessary for good heart health.

Little steps help in the long run, start today and make an exercise plan along with your doctor and see your life turning healthier and your diabetes getting better.

3. Get Some Sleep:

Sleeping is as important for health as much as diet and exercise are. It helps to repair your body and mind along with helping in maintaining diabetes.

Sleep deprivation can make you eat more which contributes to various health problems, It is also associated with raised levels of the stress hormone called cortisol which triggers insulin resistance.

Therefore it is advisable to not skip on a good nap, With Type 2 Diabetes, lack of sleep is a strong predictor for getting the disease. Studies show that people who get enough sleep can concentrate and focus longer and more effectively. They tend to be more creative and better problem solvers.

4. Regular medication:

Diabetes comes with its own little world of medicines which needs to be routinely consumed for better results. It may sound obvious but some people forget to have them as prescribed by the doctor.

Frequency and the number of the doses told by the doctor should be strictly followed and any changes in the medicine routine should be informed to the health care provider.

Medication adherence is necessary for checking body’s response to the medication and disease as well for a healthier living.