People who have diabetes, are restricted to what they eat. This makes it very difficult for them to stick to one diet or to control themselves. As the diet becomes regular, diabetics start losing interest in their meal, but you can cook up healthy and tasty meals without compromising on your diabetic diet.

The main focus should be on eating more fibre, vitamins and minerals. Meanwhile keeping carbs quantity on a low. Fruit salad is a great option for someone who has diabetes provided the focus remains on fruits low in sugar content like apple, guava and berries. You can enjoy a bowl full of sprouts like corn, beans, peas and pinto (chitkabra) which are considered good for sugar control. You can be creative by adding just a dash of lemon, or may be some chopped tomatoes, cucumber, and cottage cheese for consumption.

Rich in protein, go forth and gulp in yogurt from your kitchen and vegetables like broccoli, carrot and tomatoes which are high in minerals and vitamins. You can simply enjoy a fistful of nuts like walnut and almonds which are considered amazing for diabetic patients. You can also pick other nutritious options from your local market like oats, eggs, grams (Chana). Other than this, a limited amount of poha, uthappam and baked vegetable Tikki are some delicious and scrumptious options to try.