Don’t you simply love the crispy samosas, spicy chollay bhatooray, delicious noodles or the divine butter naan? these items are curated from the world's most beloved fast food ingredient, Maida!

Extensively used in Central and South Asia cuisine and popularly known as white poison, it does its work quietly in disrupting your digestive system while you go on spending good amount of time choosing between a numbers of sinful treats.

We all know how this versatile wheat flour is used for cooking world’s best recipes, but do you know during the processing of maida, all the necessary nutrients are lost? sadly enough the endosperm of the wheat is removed from the germ and the bran, making it lesser healthy option for our body. Even the supermarket products are highly processed which are deprived of its natural nutrients and just to make it a buyable product, manufacturers go on adding 3-4 vitamins to make it look like an attractive purchase.

According to Dr. Sneh Soni, Junior Resident at BSIC Hospital, Delhi,
Maida increases the glucose level in the blood which when attached to proteins causes inflammation also known as Glycation. Inflammation is considered the very first step of any disease, therefore one must abstain from excessive consumption of it.

We give you 6 reasons why you should refrain, if not completely ban Maida from your Diet:

1. High G.I Index:

Maida has a high glycaemic index number of 75, this number indicates the effect of the food you eat on your blood sugar levels and is very important for people with diabetes. As Maida has a high G.I value it releases sugar faster into your blood stream increasing the blood sugar levels which causes a sharp insulin response in return, this with time and prolonged consumption of processed and refined food, causes inflammation, insulin resistance and eventually type 2 diabetes. The excess glucose is stored as fats by the body which causes obesity issues and higher amounts of triglyceride in the long run.

2. Processed and Refined:

Fairest and whitest of all, Maida is highly processed and refined before going on shelves for selling. Refined flour is bound to taste better because of missing coarseness, but it’s the coarseness that makes any flour healthy, good for digestion and proper bowel movements. So next time you go for grocery shopping, choose that maida which has more fibre and nutrients.

3. Chemically Bleached:

Normal wheat flour comprises of all three bran, germ and endosperm while white Maida which consists of only endosperm, originally yellow in colour is processed and bleached to the extent that it loses its entire fiber and vitamins. Originally yellowish in colour, maida is bleached using many chemicals to obtain whiter tone, oxidize surface and in creating gluten.

4. Highly Acidic:

During the processing, maida tends to lose its nutrients and fiber making it highly acidic in nature. Due to the high presence of acid in maida, food items like pizza, pasta and burgers which have their independent fan following, behind the scenes forces and pulls calcium from the bones to keep things even. A major cause of inflammation, arthritis and many other chronic illnesses, over-acidity rules over all other diseases.

5. Creates Digestive Issues:

Nowadays fast food industry is majorly favoured by Maida, almost all the products uses this ingredient and righteously gives its name: all-purpose flour. But it has its own set of disadvantages, our delicate human system is capable of allowing it in limits and a person who routinely indulges into such a diet often increases the chances of digestive problem and many other conditions.

As it is devoid of fiber, it becomes highly difficult to digest it and thereby ends up sticking to the walls of our intestine, congesting its system, slowing down digestion creating a sluggish metabolism, and often being the helping hand behind weight gain, stress, headaches and migraines.

6. Increases Cholesterol level:

Our body is made up of two types of cholesterol, both bad and good cholesterol, better distinguished as low density lipoprotein (LDL) and high density lipoprotein (HDL). Consuming a lot of junk food made up of maida puts you at the risk of increasing bad cholesterol in your body making you prone to obesity, hunger pangs, mood swings, clogging arteries and raising your blood pressure levels, thereby unknowingly ruining your health, relationships and definitely your overall appearance, hence it is advisable to get a cholesterol test done once in a while, so that you have a clear knowledge of the levels of bad and good cholesterol in your body.

In the end...

For a healthy life, one should eat a balanced diet comprising a mix of all the essential nutrients and refrain from food items which causes a deficit for your body. It is easier to say that maida is bad, but food items made from maida are everywhere. Also these foods are tasty, making it even tougher for people to stay away from them, but its extremely crucial for you to eat it in moderation and enjoy it that way.

You should make sure that your diet includes a lot of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. It’s pretty difficult to change one’s eating habit but it is crucial to understand our body requirements and take little steps in keeping it in a healthy state. If you can’t refrain from maida then make sure you include it in moderation or cut it down to an infrequent treat. You can always choose from better alternative like whole wheat flour, jowar and bajra for cooking up dishes which are made up of it.