Heart diseases or cardiovascular diseases is the leading cause of death when it comes to chronic conditions and may even lead to premature deaths. Follow these tips to stay away from heart problems and lead a healthy and stress free life:

1. Stay Informed:

It’s rightly said that prevention is better than cure, and if by chance you have diabetes then the reason for prevention altogether becomes important for preventing heart diseases. The best prevention against heart disease and stroke is to understand the risks and treatment options. The greatest risk is ignorance or misinformation. The first step is to take responsibility for your health.

2. Know your risks:

The biggest risk factor is your age, the older you get the greater are the chances of developing heart conditions.

We have long known that if your parents, grandparents, or other relatives were afflicted with or died of heart disease, diabetes or stroke, your risk is much greater as genes play an important role.

3. Don’t smoke or expose yourself to second-hand smoke:

The evidence is overwhelming that cigarette smoking and second-hand exposure to smoke increases the risks of heart disease, lung disease, peripheral vascular disease and stroke. Need to know more?

4. Maintain a healthy blood pressure:

A high blood pressure also known as hypertension can be easily termed as the silent killer as it goes without symptoms in most individuals. The higher your blood pressure is the higher you are at the risk of developing heart conditions.

The risk begins to increase from a pressure of 115/70 mmHg and doubles for each 10 mmHg increase in systolic (the larger number) and 5 mmHg increase in the diastolic (the smaller number).

5. Limit your calories:

Control your portions and push away from the table before you think you are full. Fat diet doesn’t work and maybe that is the reason behind it not being recommended to anyone, though certain fats ae necessary for effective body functioning. Abdominal obesity is considered the biggest risk factor and lead to developing diabetes and other heart conditions.

6. Make exercise a daily habit:

The lack of exercise is contributing to the obesity epidemic, studies suggest that walking two miles a day can be helpful in staving off diseases and creating a healthier life. Exercise does more than burn calories; it also activates genes that are beneficial to health in other ways. Plus, exercise is one of the best treatments for depression and anxiety. However, exercise alone cannot control or reduce your weight, diet modification is equally necessary.

7. Reduce stress:

Stress contributes to cardiovascular disease and if severe, can cause a heart attack or sudden death. Get adequate sleep, do regular exercise, attend religious services, volunteer or just laugh a little more, you never know what works for you until you try.