A healthy brain resides in a healthy body. Exercise in any form is great for health. However it’s considered a grave misconception, that people who exercise only do it to develope huge biceps and keep heart muscles healthy. In reality, a little exercise can help ward off depression, lift your mood up and keep your brain young.

5-10 minutes of moderate to high-intensity exercise has shown great results in developing healthier lifestyle changes among people. Brisk walking, cycling, skipping and sprints are a great way to not only attain a healthy body but to develop powerful brain as well.

Brisk walking prompts a sudden movement in the body forcing us to breathe more. It results in increasing the blood flow and absorption of oxygen. When your blood circulation improves, more of oxygen is transported to your brain which helps in improving the efficiency in it's functioning.

Exercise helps in producing hormones which enhances the thinking process and in the way you perform a task, when the brain works properly, it gets more time for sound sleep and helps in relaxing.

If you are not habitual of exercising, sudden heavy exercise routine can show adverse effects on your health. Therefore, it is recommended to start with some easy exercises as doing small but effective workout helps to grow healthier significantly.