It is great if you can perform a self-check for any kind of changes in your breast. There are many ways you can check for breast cancer yourself at home. Some of them have been mentioned below:

Stand in front of the mirror in the room that is well lit. Raise your arms up and see if both the breasts are of equal sizes or not. It is natural for you not to have both of them of the same size. The main points that you can check for are changes in size, shape, positioning, colour, soreness, deformity or anything not usually similar in between them. The nipple is also to be checked for any kind of change in direction and soreness as well.

While you are standing, stretch your hands comfortably in such a way that your chest muscles become tight. Now slowly turn around side by side to check for any kind of changes. It is to check the side-outer parts.

Do the same thing by bending forward in a way that you can see your breasts when they are down. This for checking the upper-outer part of the breast. Notice if there are any changes in the shape or positioning.

Do the same by lifting the breasts upward to see the same kind of changes in the bottom part of the breast.

Check if there is any fluid discharge from the nipples by gently rolling the thumb and the forefinger on them.

If all is okay, then it’s fine. But if you do find some changes that are not usual, you should definitely consult a doctor.