Yes. You can!

Even though Thyroid disorders are more common than you think, there is a way to beat thyroid-induced obesity.

Among the millions around the world, India herself houses an approx 42 million thyroid patients, and the worst part is, often, the patients are not even aware of this chronic illness unless dire symptoms start showing up.

Crowned as the “Silent Killer” by the medical industry, thyroid problems can come in various forms.

The two most common Thyroid disorder types 

Why does hypothyroidism make you gain weight?

When you have hypothyroidism, your metabolism slows down radically allowing the calories in your body to stick around for a longer time. This increase in calories and a slowed down metabolism makes losing weight tougher.

Normally, a nutritious diet and a controlled lifestyle would be sufficient for weight loss, but a hypothyroidism weight gain would require more than just supervised diets. Even though it may seem difficult at this point in time, the good news is, exercises, thyroid medicine and weight loss go hand in hand.

Here’s how losing weight with hypothyroidism can be made possible.

How to lose weight with an underactive thyroid gland?

Maintain a strict medication routine

While diet and lifestyle measures are undeniably important, it’s your medicine for hypothyroidism that should get the first priority. A proper medication routine not only tackles your weight gain issues, but can also work around the clock to sustain thyroid symptoms such as fatigue, indigestion, and depression. If you’re not sure about the type, you can opt for an online doctor consultation process post which you can opt for an online medicine delivery by e-pharmacies like LifCare where they deliver your prescription medicines right to your doorstep. You can even buy medicines online at flat discounted rates, every time you order.

Try out basic exercises

With lowered metabolism and a body filled with calories, you are more likely susceptible to easy exhaustion than a normal body which is why opting for hardcore exercises is a big NO NO. You’d end up uselessly tiring yourself out. However, minimum physical fitness is a must, even in the long run, and to combat an underachieving thyroid gland, you can take up brisk morning jogs or regular evening strolls. Often, you can indulge in some freehand warm-up exercises or some calming yoga, which would help you keep your body fit and your excess calories in check.

Monitor your thyroid health

After a particular age, say 35 for women, you become more susceptible to thyroid dysfunctions which is why a thorough monitoring is of paramount importance. Care and preventive measure at the right time can help you tackle overweight issues. If you’re not completely sure, opt for a home-based diagnostic lab test which would include pathology tests like T3, T4, and TSH.

Refine your food and diet measures

Now we come to yet another crucial measure point that needs to be regulated strictly. Your thyroid diet pattern has a lot to do with your weight. This not only includes fatty, high cholesterol food items, but also foods that can have a toll on your thyroid gland.

Check out this list of measures that every hypothyroidism patient should follow

Need help planning your diet chart? Take a look at our demo diet chart or call certified nutritionists for a free diet teleconsultation

Quick Tips to Trick Weight Gain during Hypothyroidism

·         The trick is to eat small portions at smaller intervals that helps in easy calorie digestion by the body

·         Drink plenty of water since it fills you, indirectly helping you control calories

·         A proper sleep care routine is crucial when you’re fighting weight gain with an underactive thyroid.

·         Avoid stress as much as possible since stress increases your cortisol levels which in turn promotes hunger

·         Set an alarm for every medicine dose so that you never miss a dose

·         Opt for LifCare’s monthly refill and reminder services from the official online medicine shopping app so that you never run out of doses.

Can’t control your passion for good food? Here’ a tip or two for you

Use smaller cutleries. A small spoon or a smaller plate gives off a feeling of fulfillment

Instead of opting for a buffet, place all your food choices in one plate and don’t go back for second helpings

Eat slowly to expedite the digestion process

Drink a full glass of water 10 minutes prior to starting your meal