Generally, type 1 diabetes is witnessed in kids. Your 9 years old daughter is a great football player and is full of activity. But suddenly, she denies to play and for the rest of the time, she is tired and prefers to sleep. It is an alarm for you to get her health checked. It would be even better if you can consult a doctor as it might be a sign of diabetes.

Try to keep your child away from habits to avoid type 1 diabetes:

“Junk food”. They are the killers of good health. Fast foods are unhygienic, not fresh and full of ingredients that are going to hamper the health at any age. Stay away from fast foods and quick made/minute made foods, as much as possible.

“Sedentary lifestyle”. Playing video game is good sometimes. But if your kids do not go outdoors at all, you need to check the issue. Make them play outdoor as much as possible. Exercise is a very important subject in your children’s curriculum. In fact, without activity, there wouldn’t be any kind of development. If they are not interested to play outside, you should assist them and generate interest in physical activity for overall growth.

“Not giving them enough time”. You should always talk to your children, maybe you can discover a problem they are facing which might not be good and be friendly while discussing their issues.

It is very important for any person from adult to children to lead a healthy life comprising of good food and inclusion of a rigorous workout regime in order to live a disease-free life.