If you have a high blood pressure or hypertension, you must be aware that a restricted and disciplined lifestyle can keep you healthy. Hypertension is considered to be a silent killer as major population with this condition are unaware of it. Apart from that, there are no symptoms that signify its presence. If you want to know about it, then get your regular blood pressure test done. It is the only way to discover the presence of hypertension.

There are several things that you can change in your lifestyle:

Following a particular diet- specialized diets prescribed by doctors better known as DASH diet for hypertension, comprises of fruits and vegetables alongside low-fat dairy products, including high refined grains and starchy foods.

Losing weight- it is another great thing that you can do to reduce the risk of high blood pressure. It is the extra weight that stops your body organs to perform well in many ways. You must exercise to lose weight, initially, it will be a very hard task, but once you’re used to it, you can see the difference, it will do great miracles for you and your body.

Consume minimalist amount of salt.

Smoking and drinking alcohol should also be prohibited. This is because they add more to the issue and helps in worsening the case.

As told earlier, high BP is very bad for your health, and if not taken care of, it can kill you slowly.