A childhood abuse includes physical, mental, sexual, emotional torture, or sometimes all of them combined together. When a child is being abused, it has an impact on their brain and behavior. It leaves a scar for life, and in severe conditions, it leads to depression, anxiety, personality impairment, and suicide attempts.

According to studies, people who were in depression were questioned about their lifestyle since childhood. It was seen that the people who were abused as a child were more likely to be severe than those who did not have a backstory as a child. What happens is, they are forced to perform activities that shouldn’t have been in the first place and what is worst is that they picture the world in the way they were treated.

Sometimes their self-confidence is destroyed forever, they start feeling shy and incompetent from others. They start developing a complex feeling for everyone who is around them and sometimes might end up becoming the same as the abuser. They can even start behaving the same way which is even worse. In any of the ways, it’s the life of the person which comes to an end of development.

Maybe people do not realize this, but it is very important to talk to your child patiently about their feelings. Maybe as a child, they wouldn’t be able to express a lot, but it’s your job to understand them and protect them from anything which might hamper a normal growth.