Depression, as we all know, is already a bad thing and so is high blood pressure. People who suffer from high BP are very careful with their diet and medicine. There is a proper diet chart that they need to follow in order to control their high BP levels and other related issues like heart diseases and cholesterol problems.

Depression is a mental or psychological state which does not let people think properly. They lose interest in following their diet, exercise routine, or adhere to their medicines. This happens because there is a lack of discipline in thoughts as compared to someone who is not suffering from depression.

In spite of anti-depressant treatments available in the market, these kinds of treatments are not suitable for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and heart disease patients as it delays recovery. High BP is one of the biggest problems with elderly members of our country as they happen to suffer from it majorly due to an improper diet and lifestyle. Depression just makes the condition worse and it is better to follow a proper diet, fitness regime and get enough sleep to recover and rediscover your power.