Fruits will forever be the healthiest snack choice for people- from adolescence to old age.

The colorful, low-calorie fruits usually come with a diverse palate and are enriched with micro-nutrients that benefit your body in more ways than you know. In fact, did you know, the lack of adequate fruit and vegetable consumption alone attributed to 2.7 million annual deaths according to a 2013 research?

However, recent studies have revealed how the paradigm shift in lifestyle and progression towards fitness and health has increased consumption of fruit and vegetables considerably over the past few years. The fact that online medicine delivery services are so abundantly available adds to this attribute. This, in turn, has taken a toll on health rates, improving it by the day.

This brings us to how fruits, in all shapes, forms and sizes are an absolute gem when it comes to health and fitness. Such a fruit, hailing from the melon family is muskmelon, or kharbooja, as we call it in Hindi. You could have come across some other name variations like rockmelon or sweet melons.

How healthy can a muskmelon be?

Muskmelons are not just big in size but big on nutrients too, as the fleshy sweet fruit comes, packed in with vitamins such as a B6 along with vitamin A and C. Muskmelons are also a serious storage of minerals and beta-carotene, but that’s not the best part. These fruits, being extremely sweet, surprisingly, come with low sugar and calorie content. Comparatively, muskmelons have a high water content which fulfills your stomach and prevents dehydration, quick hunger pangs and loss of energy during the day.

Still not convinced? Check out this breakdown of nutrients you might expect in muskmelons.

How are muskmelons beneficial for your health?

Muskmelons, filled to the brim with nutrition can help you in more than one way:

  • See your hypertension woes go away

Enriched in potassium, muskmelons act as a vasodilator relaxing the blood vessels which in turn allows free inflow of blood, reducing the blood pressure on your vessels.

Muskmelon breakfast recipe for high blood pressure: Add musk melon cubes to your morning cereal (muesli/ cornflakes) every day and don’t forget your hypertension medicine. You can also buy your hypertension medicines online from a credible online pharmacy.
  • Tap into this diabetes-free fruit

Muskmelons come with a delicious sweet and sour taste and are high in fiber content and low in fat. This results in muskmelons being a super candidate for blood sugar control and maintenance. Of course, periodic monitoring of your blood sugar is essential. You can opt for an at-home diabetes test at discounted rates from e-pharmacies like LifCare.

Muskmelon summer recipe: Try making a sugar-free smoothie with muskmelons to beat the summer heat without affecting your blood sugar levels.
  • Improve your skin and hair growth naturally

Muskmelons are a powerhouse of collagen and vitamin C that retains the natural glow and elasticity of your skin. Vitamin A, present in muskmelon assists in sebum control and production, which in turn keeps the hair moisturized and healthy.

Muskmelon face pack idea: Mix muskmelon pulp with 1 tsp gram flour and 1 Tbsp lemon juice and apply it on your face. You can use unflavored yogurt to thicken the paste if necessary.
  • Lose belly fat in just a month

Muskmelons have high water content and carbohydrates along with no cholesterol or saturated fats. An additional involvement of dietary fibers adds to the mix and all three ingredients directly contribute to weight loss and maintenance.

Weight loss snacks with muskmelon: Grill muskmelon slices in red chili and nutmeg powder for a spicy yet sweet bar-b-q snack or dice muskmelon and add it to your salsa/salad or sprinkle some chaat masala on top of frozen musk melon slices for a perfect summer brunch
  • Fight indigestion with muskmelons

Muskmelons are sweet, to begin with. The presence of vitamin C and dietary fibers present in a muskmelon expedites the bowel process. Muskmelons are also great for summers since the high water content allows you to keep your stomach cool.

Muskmelon Summer mojito: Crush some mint leaves and add that to your muskmelon juice along with some ice water and lemon. You may even add some lime juice and you have your summer mojito ready to impress.
  • Pregnancy care with muskmelons

Muskmelons can be a blessing for a pregnant woman where the high folate content in the fruit allows removal of extra sodium in the body. It also helps to-be mothers by preventing water-retention.

Muskmelon tips for a to-be mother: Carry a bottle of muskmelon infused coconut water with you always and take periodic sips from it whenever possible.

There are possibly innumerable benefits that a powerful fruit like muskmelon possesses. The key is to maintain routine consumption to experience the full effect of this fruit. For every other qualm, you have your neighborhood subscription pharmacies taking care of you.