Hypertension is the chronic condition where the human body has high blood pressure reading, which might contribute to heart ailments, kidney problems, loss of eyesight and blood vessel disease.

High blood pressure is measured calculating a ratio between the diastolic and systolic readings, the higher value remains that of the systolic and is measured when the heart is beating and pumping while the diastolic reading measures the pressure when the heart is not pumping and instead relaxing between the beats.

Consuming medication for hypertension is inevitable, given the longevity of the disease and certain other lifestyle factors your doctor may suggest you the prescription. It will likely be started if your BP readings remain at or above these levels:

· Top number (systolic pressure) of 140 or more in people younger than 60 years

· Top number of 150 or more in people 60 years and older

· Bottom number (diastolic pressure) of 90 or more

Hypertension can be broadly categorised in two types first being the essential hypertension which covers 90% of the hypertension patients and is not curable while the rest 10% have secondary hypertension which is basically caused due to various health problems and can be cured by curing the underlying problem.

If you have diabetes, heart problems, or a history of a stroke, medicines may be started at lower blood pressure reading probably below 130 to 140/80 mmHg.