Our daily life struggles and failures often throw us into the darkness of anxiety and depression. The negative feeling of depression, makes you feel unhappy, non-energetic and shrouded, to the extent where everything seems impossible.

Yoga being the route to inner transformation, also enhances our physical growth. It is a set of activities, which includes mental, physical and spiritual aspects of life. Once our body gets in control with yoga, it helps reduces the grief, perception of pain and discomfort in our mind.

It makes the body disciplined and capable of doing regular chores at ease. Depression is a state of mind which keeps your body and intelligence, under the influence of stress, hypertension, and anxiety. With regular practice of yoga, your body learns to control your emotions better, improving your overall mental health.

Yoga is a great way to improve your energy level and has long term positive gains for your body and mind. Once you start to cope up with stress and tension, you will slowly start seeing improvement in yourself. This is because yoga develops brain cells and increases anti-stress hormones, while making you more confident.

Yoga also helps in introspection, to understand your state of mind and emotions of the people around you. There is a feeling of realization and self-acceptance in all forms. Hence, yoga is recommended to people belonging from all the age groups, who want to live a healthier life.