There is a wide variety of oils that you can choose from, ranging from taste, price to its availability in your local store. Always buy oil which is low in saturated fats and can be used in less quantity to derive the exact level of cooking without having to pour cups of oil to make your food taste better, here are some of the healthy oils which can be bought for better cooking experience:

Sunflower oil is the oil which is extracted from the seeds of the sunflower. There is a high content of Vitamin E in it.

Canola oil (canola tel), is a new oil which has been introduced in our market. It is rich in nutrients and has its own flavour.

Olive oil (jaitun ka tel)is great for people suffering from breast cancer and heart disease.

Rice bran oil is one of the best oils. It is great for people who want to fight high levels of cholesterol.

Peanut oil (moongfali ka tel) is produced in a lesser quantity but is great for consumption.

Safflower oil (Kusum ka tel) is also in this list which has good nutrients.

Corn, soybean, avocado (ruchira tel), sesame (til ka tel) are also great oils which can be used for your consumption.

You can use these oils for cooking. Some of them are costly because they are produced less, but it’s better to spend on good food than on medicine.