Physical activities, exercise, and fiber is the key to a healthy lifestyle when you’re above 50-60 years of age. Physical activities performed at any stage of life is good for health. You can see that people who are physically active are much happier and healthy looking at any age. People who do physical activities are the ones who have stronger bones and muscles, as more and more blood is pumped to your heart and brain simultaneously making them healthy and helping them to function properly. People who indulge in physical activities usually have a fair sense of judgment than the people who live a sedentary life.

Try regularly to do brisk walk, jog, slow cycling or light weights which is considered a good start. Make sure there’s an expert who suggests your work out and instructs you in a way to avoid injuries. Include food items which have high quantity of fibre as it helps in controlling blood sugar level, cholesterol, and any kind of joint-related pain, for e.g. Whole wheat, broccoli, peas, oatmeal are great examples to include in your regular diet. Try to have whole fruits rather than juice and include half cooked veggies to boost your nutritional level.

Follow these simple steps to witness result soon and for a better understanding, always consult your doctor.