There is always one friend or someone we know who suffers from obesity. No matter how hard they work out, it is very difficult for them to lose weight.

Let us find out why does this happen?

People who eat more calories than required become overweight and suffer from obesity. Alongside, people who live a lifestyle which is not active is also a reason for obesity. Sometimes, it is in the genes for some but for others it is majorly the food you eat and the lifestyle you live which makes you fat.

A healthier lifestyle costs much less than living a life which causes obesity. For example, you can cook a healthy meal for yourself, rather than having a pizza. Or, you can walk or cycle to a nearby place instead of driving. Yes, this will not only help you get fit but also contribute to a better environment.

Now, people who are suffering from obesity, are under the illusion of not wanting to do any hard work. They find it very difficult to get motivated to work out or cook their own meal, as it all lies in the mind. Whenever we see something attractive, we either go for it or leave it. It depends on the situation. This is because our desires are created or stopped by the hormones that are sent in and out of the brain. Studies show that these chemical reactions do not happen with a person who is obese.

They stop controlling themselves when it is concerned with the matter of eating and it is important for a person to get that motivation and make your life a better and healthier one. Change your thinking and slowly you will be able to change that body structure as well. You will end up feeling more confident and active than before and build a stronger belief in oneself.