Can Arthritis Be Viral In Nature?

Are you experiencing a crushing joint pain all of a sudden? While joint disorders are generally blamed on old age, often external viral sources too can be the cause of arthritis, especially after a serious disorder. A sudden outburst of pain, accompanied by a high fever could be a clear symptom of Chikungunya.

How does Chikungunya affect your joints?

Chikungunya is a non-contagious viral condition, usually caused by virus-carrying mosquitoes who are primarily to be blamed for the outspread of this disease. Even though you cannot get Chikungunya from touch, mosquitoes carrying the virus can spread the disease making Chikungunya a global concern.

In fact, before 2013, the Chikungunya virus was even considered endemic in the African and Asian subcontinent. America too faced a Chikungunya epidemic with almost 4 million documented cases cumulatively falling prey to this crippling virus.

What does your body feel like when you’re suffering from Chikungunya?

Being an alphavirus infection, the disease is primarily spread through mosquito bites with Chikungunya symptoms showing up within 3 to 7 days of the bite. Notable symptoms would be in the form of severe joint pain and high fever along with subsidiary symptoms like fatigue, insomnia, weakness, swollen lymph nodes, and even mouth ulcers on rare occasions.

Seniors and newborn infants are often at a higher risk while patients with chronic kidney or heart problems are too prone to this disease. In fact, Chikungunya is also known to affect diabetes patients at large.

                          Chikungunya Arthritis can be lethal

Have you ever wondered why a viral mosquito bite would lead to excruciating joint pain amongst other symptoms?  The primary reason for joint pain during Chikungunya can be blamed on your body’s immunity system. The Chikungunya virus majorly resides in the joints, producing toxins that affect the immune system and causes muscular and joint pain.

Our immunity system when exposed to these viruses, starts attacking the infective agents. In it’s activated state, the immunity system may consider the healthy body cells as infectious causing it to attack the healthy cells as well. This too is primarily why you experience joint pain during chikungunya.

Then why do you experience joint pain post your Chikungunya attack? That’s because the virus leaves behind some toxins which attack the cartilages leading to inflammation and pain in the joints.

Flush out Joint pain with these easy home remedies for Chikungunya

Now medication is crucial for a speedy recovery. Nowadays online medicine stores deliver your medicines to your doorstep along with monthly reminders so that you don’t miss out on your vital doses. Regular doses of prescribed NSAIDs can help you cope with the pain while doctors would specifically prescribe medical assistance to flush out the toxins and the virus from your system.

However, to expedite your recovery process, you can opt for some of these simple home remedies to cure joint pain caused by Chikungunya.

These home remedies will surely help you expedite the healing or soothing process and to extend the treatment further, you can always rely on your doctor for extra tips.

However, proper medication is extremely important to completely eradicate this virus from the system and thanks to online pharmacies today, you can simply order medicine, get your blood test results, and opt for free doctor/ diet teleconsultation- all from the comforts of your home.