Dementia is not a disease. It is a condition where people tend to forget things on a regular basis. It also leads to loss of judgment and daily functioning of the brain. It is also important to know that effects of dementia varies from person to person. For example, in extreme scenarios, some people may experience memory loss and confusion and while some experience loss of coordination and disorientation. Sometimes people with dementia, even forget their names, address, what a certain food or fruit looks like, colours and more.

Although people suffering from dementia often have to deal with poor social skills, just a little help from health professionals, family and friends can make them feel safe and secure. Here are some tips to keep people with dementia safe at home:

● Someone who has dementia will have a fairly less sense of judgment so be considerate enough to arrange furniture and other regular things in a way that doesn’t confuse them.

● Remove any hazardous product from your home and if possible, keep it beyond their reach and sight.

● Install night lights and other such fluorescent lights which has motion sensors. People suffering from dementia often forget to switch the lights on.

● Make sure to check the temperature level of water they’re using to bath or to consume. Make sure to check the temperatures everytime as people with dementia have trouble with checking temperature.

● Fireplaces, firearms and other dangerous objects like knives, pins and other such tools should be out of their access.

● Prevent noise and light exposure as it is not conisdered comfortable for them.

There are various examples that you can follow to make everyday is easier and better for people with dementia. Use the above tips to prevent any mishappening and ensure proper safety.