A strong and healthy body is everybody’s envy and should be as it is the best possible condition to prevent early onset of diseases and prevent yourself from dangerous infections.
But what to do, when your exercise regime is causing hindrance in your daily lifestyle or maybe in your asthma?
There are people who experience asthma attack during vigorous and extensive workouts, without even having asthma as a serious condition.
The symptoms of exercise-induced asthma generally begin within 5 to 20 minutes after the start of exercise, or 5 to 10 minutes after brief exercise has stopped.
What Are the Symptoms of EIB?
· coughing
· wheezing
· chest tightness
· shortness of breath
Sometimes coughing can be the only symptom you will face or you can have all of them together, these symptoms usually range from mild to severe and often resolve in another 20- 30 minutes. Occasionally, some individuals will experience a second wave (i.e. “late-phase”) of symptoms four to twelve hours after stopping exercise. This Late-phase symptoms can be low on severity and take up to 24 hours to get resolved.
What Triggers EIB?
When we exercise, Due to increase in oxygen demands of our body we tend to breathe faster and deeper inhaling through our mouth instead of the nose.
The air we breathe through mouth is much cooler and drier than what we breathe from nose and acts as the main trigger for airway narrowing (bronchoconstriction), longer period of inflammation in the airways may result in chronic asthma. There are certain other factors that may make your symptoms worse like the high pollution levels, smoke and strong flumes etc. If ever caught in an emergency, consult your doctor and follow the recommended medication.