Itchy scalp happens due to the dry and malnourished scalp. It is generally caused due to dandruff, lice, inflammation of the scalp and sometimes even fungal infection.

There are various ways to treat it, some are listed below for you:

It is a well-known fact that Water prevents dryness. Always drink lot of water so that the scalp remains well-nourished from inside.

Regularly moisturize your scalp with creams made for hair. There are many products that are doctor certified like hair serum, ointments and oils.

Clean your hair using anti-dandruff, anti-drying or nourishing shampoos.

Do not let your head be covered for a longer period of time. You can use a hat, cap or scarf to protect your hair. But make sure it is not covered for long, it can lead to sweat accumulation and furthermore your scalp will become itchier due to germs from your sweat accumulation which will lead to hair fall.

There are specialized treatments like anti-fungal treatment, anti-lice treatment and many more, advised under a doctor supervision.

To understand the issues better, the doctors diagnose the root cause of the problem. They make sure to prescribe you certain routines to protect and nourish your scalp better. Include protein as it helps in building hair follicle and help in moisturizing the scalp which results in lesser itchiness and hair fall.