Mustard seeds are generally produced to extract mustard oil. Commonly known as Sarson ka tel, its usage is very prevalent in India as compared to other parts of the world. Since childhood it has been a constant in our kitchen and it is important for us to know the very benefits that makes it a permanent member on our kitchen shelves:

Stomach cancer’s risk is reduced with its consumption,

It Improves digestion and appetite,

With the application of the oil, our muscles get back its tendency and strength,

Our grandparents have often told us to apply mustard oil for curing cough and cold. Well, it’s true and also works.

With regular massage of mustard oil, joint and muscle pains are relieved,

Pouring mustard oil in the navel helps the issue of dry lips and skin,

Kills microorganism like bacteria, fungus, and helps in reducing inflammation,

Asthma prone people should apply mustard oil on their chest to reduce the pain and congestion.

Insects gets repelled by the application of mustard oil in places where they are very active,

It is a great tooth whitening agent,

Lightens skin tone and removes dark patches and marks,

Fights against sun rays and keep your skin toned,

Its application takes away dandruff, itchy scalp and grey hair.

It may have a strong odor but once you’re habitual, it does help in improving your overall health, skin and hair.