“Smoking is Injurious to health” is a warning sign you can read everywhere. Still, people can be seen smoking everywhere. The problem of someone who smokes is not the cigarette, but the addiction of nicotine. It’s the urge and craving of nicotine which increases the urgency for a person to smoke.

When someone inhales the smoke in the cigarette, the nicotine is pulled inside the body. It then gets mixed up with the bloodstream through the lungs and as the blood flows, it reaches the brain in 10 seconds bringing a sense of pleasure. What happens to someone who is addictive is that they have impaired concentration as one of the worst side effects. They are usually irritable and react to small issues. There is a feeling of restlessness and nervousness, followed by anxiety issues. These things happen because when nicotine reaches the brain, it creates a sense of fulfilment which rapidly gets distributed to the other parts of the body. When the nicotine level lowers down, there is a sense of requirement to smoke another one.

Although there is a variety of low tar or mild nicotine cigarettes available in the market, it is of no use. If you want to finish the effects of smoking and lead a healthy life, you need to quit.