If you’re someone who loves to have sweets every now and then but compelled to have less of it, Nolen Gur (Jaggery) is a savior for you. Here is the reason why:

● The micronutrients in this sweet are said to be good for your immunity. Consuming it will give you the strength to fight many infections.

● People suffering from anemia can have it too as it's helpful in increasing the hemoglobin and iron levels of your blood.

● Simple carbohydrates are easy to digest and food which is easily digested food is considered a great source of energy.

● Potassium is vital to the healthy functioning of the body cells and tissues, and Nolen Gur is famous to be rich in potassium as well. Less than 15g can be consumed daily.

● Like potassium, this dish is also rich in other essential electrolytes like magnesium. Magnesium helps producing all that energy in your body.

● It contains antioxidants and zinc, which helps in living a healthy lifestyle.

● Joint pain decreases if you consume jaggery, and you can always enjoy it as a sweet dish right after your meals.

● If eaten with sesame seeds, this dish also helps fight respiratory problems like asthma.

Though not recommended to have frequently, jaggery is a great replacement for unhealthy sweets. So, enjoy the sweet taste and start living healthier.