Shaky hands may not be life-threatening, but it can sure be a pathway to underlying diseases breeding within you.

Shaky hands or hand tremors are not unheard of. A nervous interview, for all we know, might cause unstable hand tremors, but is it normal?

While in some situations it is understandable, repeated or frequent shaking or tremors can often mean something serious is brewing within you, and these are just the early symptoms that support the statement.

Feel Tremors In Your Hand?

You’d often notice the tremors growing in frequency. Hand tremors don’t occur suddenly and stick. It increases its effects along with the frequency of its arrival. Often due to its temporary, small-scale effect on us, we dismiss this symptom as something negligible.

However, have you ever wondered- why do we feel hand tremors and whether the hand tremors are life-threatening or not?

What causes Shaky Hands?

How to differentiate Essential Tremor from Parkinson’s Tremor?

Essential Tremors can be felt when you’re conducting an action, for instance, writing, holding something, or eating. On the other hand, Parkinson’s tremors or tremors caused by Multiple Sclerosis, usually affects you when your muscles are at rest, rather than in action.

Apart from this, hand tremors can also be the reason of-

• Huntington’s Disease
Huntington’s disease is an inherited disorder where the nerve cells in the brain progressively breakdown and degenerates causing symptoms like involuntary tremor or jerking, muscle pain, abnormal eye movement, swallowing or speech difficulty.

• Stroke
Hand tremors are common during an ischemic stroke where a blood clot clogging arteries may result in obstruction of ample blood flow to the brain. Hand tremor is only a small insignificant symptom of this condition, the serious ones being permanent neurological damage or even loss of life.

• Smoking
Nicotine in excess is known to cause hand tremors, but this is quite a rare concept and might be frequent with new smokers or chain smokers. Nicotine buzz is common for people who are not used to smoking while heavy smoking can affect your nerve endings, resulting in shaky hands.

• Caffeine overdose
Coffee or caffeine based products when consumed a lot may result in hand tremors since caffeine acts as a stimulant and may boost nervous reactions with frequent consumption.

• Anxiety or Stress
Conditions like hyperactivity, anxiety, paranoia, stress, and other such heavy emotions may often trigger nervous malfunctions causing hand tremors or involuntary sudden movement.

• Seizure
Seizures are mainly the result of electrical imbalance within the brain which could be directly related to miscommunication within the nerve cells- a condition that might cause hand tremors in seizure patients.

• Vitamin B12 deficiency
The Vitamin B12 in our system is responsible for keeping the nervous systems healthy and functional. In the event of Vitamin B12 or Vitamin B1/B6 deficiency, patients might encounter side effects like hand tremors or alternate movement disorders.

• Side-effects from certain medicines
Often hand tremors can be blamed on certain medication, usually the ones that are strong in chemicals. The side effect is supposed to vanish naturally as your body gets used to the medicine or may go away once you’re done with the course. However, it is important that you consult the side effects or symptoms with a doctor for precaution purposes.

Can you get rid of hand tremors?

Hand tremors are often the symptom of certain deficiencies or medical disorders and in most cases, overcoming these disorders can lead to reduction of the symptom. However, hand tremors will only cease completely if you can eradicate the condition for good.

On-time Medicine is crucial

To ensure conditions like imbalance, hand tremors, dizziness, and such are kept at bay- you need to maintain a strict medicine routine is of vital importance. In the world of advancements and thriving e-commerce endeavors, getting medicine delivered to your doorstep is rather easier than standing in long queues at the local chemist. Either way, proper medication paired with some therapy sessions can fix the hand tremors or definitely reduce the frequency and effect of it.

Therapies that might be of help

You can opt for simple therapeutic reliefs to control your frequent tremors, for instance,

-          You can consult a doctor to prescribe you wrist weights that can seize a hand tremor by balancing the nervous imbalance within.

-          Opt for heavy items instead of light ones. Heavy weight on the hand or the wrist can ease the tremor and help you maintain stability.

-          Consult the doctor for free-hand exercises that can help you provide either an instant relief or at least can control the situation for you.