Bitter gourd or karela is known to have great effects on human body. If consumed wisely, it shows miracles due to the rich content of vitamins and minerals. But, as we know that anything in excess is not good for health, and so is bitter gourd/bitter melon or Karela.

Let’s know about some of the side effects:

Excessive consumption of karela can disturb our heart functioning. There is a rhythm that our heart follows. It keeps a balance in between the left and the right side of the heart. If you have a large amount of karela, you can see an irregularity in the functioning of the heart.

Menstrual flow is increased in women after the consumption of a large amount of karela. Pregnant women are advised to consume bitter gourd but only in a limited quantity.

Red arils or the covering of the seeds are seen to cause vomiting and diarrhea in children. If you see that it is toxic for your kids, avoid feeding them with karela.

Long-term consumption of karela can cause liver inflammation. Though it is considered great for the liver, it shouldn’t be consumed heavily.

There are many benefits of bitter gourd, but excess of anything is unhealthy.