Kidneys play a major role in the maintenance of the human body by flushing out the waste products and toxins out of your blood in order to make space for proper distribution and absorption of minerals in the body. The body is dependent on kidneys to keep alkaline and fluid level balanced, it also helps in regulating your blood pressure levels and releases hormones which keeps the bones and muscles fit.

What should you do to maintain your kidney health?

Always keep your body well hydrated, water helps to dilute urine thereby maintaining the functioning of our kidneys.

Eat healthy and green vegetable more often, though consumption of animal meat is essential for protein, eating green vegetables helps in preventing kidney stones.

Smoking and consumption of alcohol is really unhealthy for kidney as it damages the blood vessels which are responsible for carrying oxygen rich blood to the body.

You should exercise and keep your body fit. It is also necessary for any kind of fitness in all the organs in the body.

Make sure you always consult a doctor before taking strong medication which can affect your kidney function.

Kidney issues also occur because of some medical conditions, it is always advisable to consult your doctor to understand the condition and the discomfort brought with it better.