Insomnia is a condition where you suffer from an inability to sleep properly, from getting very little amount of sleep to getting no sleep, the condition varies from person to person. It results in a poor diet, less absorption of nutrients and a bad lifestyle.

Let us find out how to beat insomnia:

Try to exercise, as after a good workout the body usually ends up asking for time to rest and at the same time helps to keep the body fit and help you build a relaxed mindset. Remember to work out at least 4-5 hours before sleeping.

Try to set a routine and stick to it. Staying in routine will make the body habitual to a kind of lifestyle. It has set rules where you sleep on time, wake up on time, eat on time and do the rest of the chores according to the time. This sends a message to the brain and thus body adjusts accordingly.

Avoid intoxicating material like coffee, nicotine, alcohol and smoking.

Ensure to maintain a healthy lifestyle, loaded with food items good for your body.

It is very necessary to stay stress-free, and be at peace with your mind, you can try yoga for instance.

If you feel your condition getting worse, do not sit numb and immediately consult your doctor for advice and further course of action.