“People who live a lonely life are either bedridden or dead”. If you’re reading this, you’re none of them. Being lonely can impact your lifestyle in many ways including your mental well-being:

If you isolate yourself socially, there are many impacts that will happen to your body:

The risk of mortality increases when you are lonely or isolated.

Physical and mental health is also affected, dementia is a mental condition of forgetfulness. There is a risk of dementia if there is social isolation,

Loneliness increases high blood pressure, and there is a risk of depression,

Elderlies can also suffer from long-term illness due to it,

With age, dementia get worse especially for elders from the LGBT community.

Social isolation can make an elderly pessimist, they develop negative thoughts about the future.

To reduce the chances of mishappening you can take care of the elderly living nearby you, or enroll them in communities who are ready to provide support and care. Ensure from your part to take initiative and spend some time with them whether it is gardening, exercise, farming, or any other activity which makes them feel good and happy about themselves, altogether not making them feel lonely.