Children falling in the age group of less than 6 until the age of puberty are the ones with the highest risk of getting type 1 diabetes. This is the age when they are least cautious about their food and lifestyle. This happens because of the thinking that “the child is too old to be restricted any food and be fed by someone else” but in reality “the child is too young to decide what to eat”. Make sure you watch what your kids are eating and be on a lookout for these diabetes symptoms:

Excessive thirst, tiredness, low activity, fatigue, over sweating and feeling hungry more than usual. These are some of the symptoms related to many other health issues, so do not ignore these. You should never avoid if feel any of these symptoms.

Nausea, feeling dull, vomiting and pale skin are some of the other symptoms that are seen in children with type 1 diabetes.

If your child urinates a lot, it shouldn’t be ignored.

Other extreme symptoms are hazy vision, weight loss, frequent headaches, and oversleeping all of a sudden which is unusual.

Make sure you get a doctor consultation, as soon you see any ssues in your child.