Ears are the sensory organs in our body just like eyes, nose, skin and tongue. The job of the ears is to collect all the sound and send the signals to the brain. It’s the brain which hears/listens and help our body respond accordingly. So, listening is not the job of the ear but of the brain. Ears are meant for maintaining equilibrium in our body, after which the brain coordinates with the body. For example, the brain helps the body react to a sound. There are various sounds that we hear all day long, but our brain reacts only to those that are important. Like replying to someone in a conversation, and getting confused in multiple conversations.

This is explained by the fluid that is present in the ear which helps in sending sensory signals to eyes, inner ears, muscles and joints via the brain. Therefore it is extremely important to take care of them.

You can follow certain measures to safeguard your ears:

Stay away from loud music, noise and sounds. Too much of exposure to loud noise can lead to partial deafness.
Set the volume of the music in an optimum way so that it relaxes your ears.
While taking rest, make sure that your ears are far away from any kind of sound or noise. It is important for the ears to take rest as well.

Ears are the very important organ of our body. Visit a doctor for a checkup in case you feel any kind of problem.