Side-effects of dehydration are not limited to the changing season. Hydration is very important to the human body and irrespective of the weather conditions, water balance in your body should always be maintained around 70% of your body weight.

But is there any measuring scale that can help you check the water level of your body? Unfortunately not. However, there are many simple and quick methods to know if you are dehydrated. One of easiest ways of checking water balance of your body is to check the colour of your urine every time you visit the bathroom. If it’s yellow, dark yellow or any such bright color, your body is alarming you to consume more water.

One of the best ways to stay hydrated is to never wait to drink water until you are very thirsty. Remember, drinking water is not the only way to keep yourself hydrated, there are many ways to keep yourself hydrated other than water. However, that doesn't mean you do not need water. Doctors recommend having 3 - 4 liters or 500 ml of 6-8 glass each day.

This is because our body is made of millions of cells and to perform properly, these cells are highly dependent on hydration. Some other reasons why water is essential for a healthy body are:

● It helps in the formation of cells in ample amount.

● It helps in losing weight, improving the immune system, and fight bad health.

● It helps in improving the condition of brain and heart.

● Water also helps in removing fatigue and preventing mood swings.

● It helps kidney to function properly.

● It helps in the proper functioning of the stomach and intestines.

● It helps in lubricating the joints. It removes the risk of muscle cramps and joint pains.