Since ages, it is believed that excess amount of sugar intake is the only cause of diabetes. However, there are many other factors which influences the increase or decrease of sugar level for our body and controlling your sugar intake is not the only way you can control diabetes, instead studies on diabetes say, that it’s the diet which needs to be proper in order to prevent diabetes.

You can follow these simple steps to improve your diabetic condition:

Avoid packaged food totally.

Enjoy eating homemade food as much as possible.

Eat yogurt, it is considered a healthy way to have protein.

Eat more whole grains like whole wheat, whole oats(jaee), brown rice, whole grain barley (jau), bulgur(Dalia), couscous (koos koos Dalia) and corn flour.

Eat potassium-rich food. Include, potato, tomato, banana, and spinach, also enjoy sipping on coconut water in limited quantity, which helps in improving heart and kidney conditions.

Eat walnut, vegetable oil, seeds, poultry meat, and fish. It improves the quality of your diet.

Stick to a single diet. Eating a variety of food is good for taste but not for health. Try to eat healthy food and in regular intervals.

Always chew your food well, it helps in proper digestion, avoid smoking and stop alcohol consumption.

Besides maintaining a balanced diet, focus more on regular exercise to stay lean and burn any extra weight, that you have put on.

Following these simple steps, will help you eventually see a significant change in the health, brain, and performance of the body.