Malaria is a disease caused when infected mosquitoes bite us, it results in high fever caused by protozoan infection. It spreads to the red blood cells, making it weaker and destroying our immunity. Considered as one of the deadliest diseases on Earth, the common symptoms for malaria include fever, vomiting, nausea, body pain, headache, diarrhea etc.

Here are few facts about Malaria:

Malaria can happen in a jungle as well as a five-star hotel. It just takes one infected mosquito to spread the disease. It is our responsibility to take preventive measures.

You should apply mosquito repellent cream and wear full sleeves clothes, when going outside in a malaria-prone area. Use a mosquito net rather than chemicals which may burn.

Malaria is one of the oldest disease found in human beings. Though it is curable, it is not fully eradicated from the planet.

There are millions of deaths all around the world each year due to malaria in spite of it being a curable and preventable disease.

Make sure to visit a doctor whenever you feel any symptom and do not avoid your condition.