The skeleton system or the bones make the structure of our body. Made up of calcium rich tissues, it helps to perform day to day work like walking, sitting, sleeping and everything possible which requires body movement. It is important to maintain stronger and healthier bones, because if our structure faces any issue so will the rest of our body which is responsible for working and performing all the task for us.

These quick tips will avoid weakening your bones:

Strictly, do not smoke ever. Alongside many bad effects of smoking, weak bones are one of them. Nicotine, the prime content of tobacco is a calcium killer because it affects the bone-building cells. If you smoke and in-case you have a fracture, it will take longer than usual to heal.

Salt contains sodium and bones contain calcium. Sodium in excess washes off calcium with urine. Try avoiding too much of salty food.
Too much of alcohol consumption degrades the hormones like progesterone and estrogen. Stay away from alcohol as much as possible.

Try to get a walk or do some kind of physical activity daily. This is because a sedentary lifestyle will never help you develop proper bones. Like muscles, your bones develop with exercise.

Try to lead an active lifestyle and follow a routine. This will not only help you develop your bones but also help in the development of your overall body.