It’s never too late to take an initiative to tone up and slim down and what better time to do that than now?  

We know weight loss is a difficult and lengthy process and we too can’t resist the innumerable distractions that stop us from committing to a strict diet plan! However, the saying goes

"Where there's a will, there's a way"

Getting back in shape in just 3 days sounds far-fetched, but it’s definitely a start to something wonderful. However, this emergency ‘Military Diet’ plan should strictly mark the beginning of a strict fitness routine. This rigid diet should strictly be for 72 hours only.

Now, before we start with our countdown to losing pounds, here’re some pointers you should keep in mind.

Now, we come to the  most crucial part of the 3-day slimming process- your weight loss diet plan


                                 How to Lose Weight in Just 3 Days?

Now before you start your diet- here’s your shopping list

Your Military Diet for the Next 3 days

Follow this military diet for the next 3 days without opting for in-between snacks, brunches. You would feel the pounds shedding, but do remember, this is only a pathway to jump-start the weight loss process and you have to maintain an exercise routine and a less strict yet nutritious diet to permanently lose your extra pounds.