Asthma is a body condition when there is a problem in the passage of the air, in and out. It causes repeated periods of wheezing (which are like whistling when breathing), tightness in the chest, difficulty in breathing and coughing.

Usually cough often occurs at night or in the early morning hours and majority of people affected by asthma who comply with the appropriate treatment can lead a normal life, but if you leave the treatment, asthma can cause permanent damage to your respiratory tract.

However, to get the treatment right, it is important to first identify the very symptoms that lead to its development. Not every asthma patient will experience the same symptoms and its severity may depend from person to person.

What are Asthma Symptoms?

Wheezing: It is a whistling noise that occurs when the bronchial tubes, which is responsible for carrying air to the lungs, narrow because of inflammation or mucus buildup.

Heavy breathing: Sometimes people experience heavy breathing, they find it hard to breathe properly due to mass air pumping. Normally when exposed to things or situations that trigger asthma. Like smoke, dust, pollens etc.

Chest Pain: Pain in the chest is also considered a symptom of asthma, there is a tight feeling in the chest area followed by pain. It happens during heavy exercises which trigger asthma.

Coughing: When it gets difficult to breathe, you gasp for air and start breathing very fast. It becomes really hard to sleep in such conditions as you get frequent coughing attacks. This also happens due to infections caused by people suffering from asthma.

Always find a place to sit and relax when any of the above said conditions occur and find immediate help.