Asthma is an increasingly common condition among children and young people. It is estimated that 5 percent of the adult population and 10 percent of children and adolescents in industrialized countries suffer from it.

If someone experiences a problem in breathing, or hear a whistling sound around the chest region whenever they breathe, they might have asthma. It is basically an inflammation in the bronchial tubes which passes through our lungs.

What triggers asthma?

• Allergy to airborne micro things like pollen, dust, germs from pet hairs, cockroach wastes, etc.
• Some people might have problems with the common cold or cold air (Climatic conditions)
• Smoking and other air pollutants are also a risk factor.
• Sometimes, dry fruits and exercises that are asthma prone shouldn’t be done.
• Packaged and processed food can also trigger asthma.

Many prescribed drugs and medicines are also known to be the prime causes of an asthma attack and it’s highly advisable to consult your doctor if you experience any kind of breathing uneasiness.