“Female sex is weaker” is downright the biggest myth. It has been proved by a recent study which concludes that women are biologically stronger than men. Due to which, their life expectancy is more naturally proven. The study went further to prove that women have survived more than men in epidemics and other such natural calamities. This can be proved by the fact that their survival tendency is more than men from the time they are born.

There are no exact answers to this superpower. But biologically, they have stronger genes. The hormones that are produced in a female body especially estrogen helps them provide a better immunity. This helps them fight infection and other related diseases hence saving them effectively in worst situations.

The study conducted a test on survival instincts form the last centuries during natural calamities. The mortality rate was found to be similar for men and women. But, still women lived more than men by 4 months to 4 years. Newborn female children were found to be tougher then newborn male children.

Although this is unusual, men do smoke more often than woman. Similarly, this is the case with the use of drugs and other such substances. Due to which there are lesser issues such as lung cancer and other related diseases in women, this altogether adds on to their life expectancy.